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Catfish and After, poetry by Gene Hult

Catfish and After

Gene Hult

I Can't Prove Anything He Says

Some cyber-psychos deliberately deceive.

Catfish is a long poem about being in love with an ideal but fraudulent man on a chat app. After is an imagist cycle of poetry about psychic, creative, and romantic reconstruction in the aftermath.

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Kindle $4.99

Paperback $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-7335380-0-8

September 2019
118 pages

Spirit Guides, poetry by Rosemarie Koch

Spirit Guides

Rosemarie Koch

Poetry Embracing Mediumship and Motherhood

This is the ancestral gathering.
These are the impossible mosaics
that proliferate not by shattered glass
or fastening. They are the facets
of everything that was and is,
the essential tableaux
of whispering and release.

All one side of the curtain.

Kindle $4.99

Paperback $9.99
ISBN: 978-1732338166

February 2019
114 pages

Render by Gene Hult


Gene Hult

Poems of Love, Belief, and Manifestation

The diamond firebird—
ashes he stirs.

Hear me keening for
understanding, my love?
Wait, not yet, while I paint
another sequined scrim
of myself.

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Kindle $4.99

Paperback $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-7323381-4-2

July 2018
102 pages

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